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In my work, I explore the topic of gender with the intention of reclaiming and normalizing the conversation on the nude body, reproductive health, gender expression, and sexuality. I challenge gender stereotypes to re-contextualize the femme’s place in art history from passive muse to the creator. To normalize the image of the feminine as strong and capable I appropriate imagery produced by mass media publications. I reclaim exploitative content meant for mass public consumption to establish a new ideal on gender. Sourcing images from digital media, social media, magazines, and textbooks, I compose new pictures that redefine the femme’s role in art history for a contemporary audience.


Kelly Dennís Villalba is a multidisciplinary artist from Newark, New Jersey. Working in new media art, performance art, and sculpture, her work explores topics related to women’s issues, gender expression, and the nude body. Kelly has exhibited at the Williamsburg Art & Historical Center in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the Mueller Gallery in Caldwell, NJ, and at the Newark Arts Festival in Newark, NJ. Kappa Pi’s Art Honor Society featured Kelly’s work in their Spring 2018 Sketchbook publication, and she received a grant from Kappa Pi for her new media collages. Kelly graduated with her B.F.A in Studio Art from Caldwell University in May 2018.